Combining robust wireless performance with easy set-up and digital audio quality, the Shure QLXD system boasts a versatile range of transmitters that will take the pressure off your budget.

The QLXD2 hand held transmitters have all the capsule options from Shure’s legendary catalogue while the QLXD1 belt pack transmitter accepts a wide range of microphone and instrument inputs.

The ULXD8 table top transmitter provides a convenient and elegant solution for meetings, symposiums and conferences. Fitted with the MX415 cardioid gooseneck mic, you can simply place them on the table or lectern with no need for patching or cable management.

Combined with QLX-D receivers these innovative transmitters deliver uncompromising digital audio clarity and solid RF performance in a form factor that fits perfectly in business settings.

Features include IR sync between transmitters and receivers, AES 256 encryption for security, and operation of up to 22 transmitters in a single TV band.

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