TXRX offers a UK based consultancy service to production companies who want to use wireless audio systems to achieve higher production values. In the context of a challenging spectrum environment we can save you time and money whilst improving your show.

Mick Shepherd (director of Hand Held Audio for 25 years) brings his considerable experience and know-how to an operation focusing on the capabilities of the now matured technology of digital radio microphones and in-ear systems.

Optimum equipment utilisation is a must to get the best out of production budgets. TXRX can help with advice based on thorough, up to date knowledge of digital and analogue wireless systems coupled with a fully informed, geographical overview of spectrum availability in the UK and internationally.

Equally that same in depth, up to the minute knowledge can be used to advise on equipment investment. Going forward into the post 700Mhz clearance scenario it will be crucial to hold the right equipment and costly to have made the wrong investment decisions.

Venue assessment, frequency co-ordination and licensing are some of the other services TXRX can provide to ensure that the wireless element of your production goes flawlessly.

By maximising the use of digital wireless systems, complemented by careful frequency planning, wireless audio in the broadcast, entertainment and corporate events industries will be sustainable post the Ofcom 700 Mhz clearance in May 2020.

For more information contact us on 020 8150 3398 or consultancy@txrxsound.com