No intermodulation. More channels. More power for your business

Discover Digital 6000.

More straightforward to use, more spectrum efficient, smarter RF technology: Digital 6000 waves goodbye to past limitations and opens up new possibilities.

The SK6212 mini bodypack transmitter heralds a new era, setting the benchmark for digital transmission technology in modern audio productions.

  • Compact, ultra-small design with ergonomically optimized construction (63 x 47 x 20mm)
  • Designed for 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Made with ultra-light robust metal housing weighing only 112 grams
  • Intermodulation-free transmission – permits more channels even in very narrow frequency spaces thanks to equidistant frequency grid and simple setup
  • Superb sound and higher dynamic range thanks to Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec
  • Resistant to moisture and sweat

Intermodulation is no longer an issue since the superior RF technology keeps the limited frequency spaces free for more channels. Digital 6000 does not produce any intermodulation, which allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid – neither transmission performance nor audio quality are compromised. It goes without saying that Digital 6000 is compatible with dozens of capsule heads and antenna options.

The superior Digital 6000 platform is setting standards today – and staying ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Better performance. More channels.

Reliable technology for any size of stage and every production: Digital 6000’s intermodulation-free design guarantees sufficient channels that can be relied upon, even in very narrow frequency ranges – while retaining maximum transmission performance at all times.

Continued growth.

We have heard that there is a fondness for two Dante™ sockets for redundant networks or daisy chain cabling – and have added them to the series. The latest software update activates the popular command mode for talkback features.

And the audio quality?

More natural, lower-noise, higher resolution: Digital 6000 works with our proprietary Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec (SeDAC), familiar to customers from the legendary Digital 9000 series. You will hear the difference.


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